The Last of Us HBO Series

The Last of Us Series coming to HBO

HBO’s The Last of Us TV series is moving through development quickly, with the main roles having been cast. The show will adapt the popular post-apocalyptic video game series from Naughty Dog and Sony – one of several Sony game adaptations currently in development, including Tom Holland’s Uncharted movie. The Last of Us is being headed up by Craig Mazin, creator of the acclaimed miniseries Chernobyl, and Neil Druckmann, writer and director of The Last of Us games. HBO veteran Carolyn Strauss is also involved on the production side.

The Last of Us takes place in a broken world soon after society collapsed from a zombie-esque outbreak. The Cordyceps Brain Infection, a mutated variant of the Cordyceps fungus, spreads quickly through the population, killing the infected or turning them into violent, mindless creatures. As the infection can be spread via airborne spores as well as bites, survivors often wear gas masks to protect themselves in certain situations.

The history of live-action video game adaptations is questionable, to say the least, but The Last of Us TV series seems to be on the right track at HBO. Bringing in Druckmann, the original mastermind behind the story, is a brilliant move, and Mazin’s past work on Chernobyl should translate well into Naughty Dog’s post-apocalyptic world of danger, betrayal, and survival.

The Last Of Us Cast

The Last of Us video games focus primarily on two survivors – Joel and Ellie – and the HBO series is taking the same approach. Both core characters have already been cast, giving fans some idea of what they can expect when the series arrives. The Mandalorian’s Pedro Pascal will play Joel on The Last of Us show; it will be Pascal’s latest father-figure role in an impressive streak, though Joel is certainly more troubled in that regard than some of the star’s other recent characters. Ellie will be played by Bella Ramsey; both actors have worked with HBO previously on Game of Thrones, where Pascal played Oberyn Martell and Ramsey played Lyanna Mormont. In addition, Gabriel Luna, who played Ghost Rider on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., has been cast as Tommy, Joel’s younger brother and an optimistic soldier. No other casting decisions have been announced so far, but Druckmann has confirmed that Riley, Tess, Maria, and Marlene – all characters who appear in the first game – will appear in the HBO series.

The Last Of Us Release Date Info

joel and ellie hugging in the last of us 2

As of now, no official release date has been announced for HBO’s The Last of Us TV series. However, there’s reason to believe that good bit of work has already been done. Last year, Mazin said development on The Last of Us TV show would begin immediately after the release of The Last of Us Part II on PlayStation 4. That and the casting announcements, hopefully, mean production can begin sooner rather than later. With HBO moving through late-stage development with casting news and soon into pre-production, The Last of Us could film in 2021 and premiere in either late 2021 or early-to-mid 2022.

The Last Of Us Story Details

The Last of Us Ellie Joel Key Art

The Last of Us TV series’ story will primarily focus on and adapt the events of the first game, telling the story of how Joel and Ellie meet and their original journey together. Mazin and Druckmann have said that the show could expand on the game’s original story content, but only in ways meant to flesh out what’s already there. That means nothing from the games will be radically undone or de-canonized, but that there is room for more details that didn’t fit in the games. The producers have also said that material from The Last of Us Part II could be included in the HBO show, but that would likely manifest in minor ways. The odds point to a series primarily focused on the first game, with late seasons going into the second installment. With luck HBO’s The Last of Us series will be satisfying for new and old fans alike.


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